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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a drug-free, non-invasive treatment therapy
that has been evolving for decades. 
At Chrysalis Community Health Center, we use NEUROSTAR, an FDA-cleared treatment for people suffering from severe, medication-resistant Major Depressive Disorder.
We also offer an off-label, investigational treatment, PrTMS powered by PeakLogic.  This procedure allows us to use low amplitude, non-invasive, magnetic pulses, using the same FDA-cleared devices, to stimulate or suppress out-of-sync neuronal activity in functional brain areas.

Meet the Team


Dr. Cadorette founded Chrysalis Community Health Care in April, 2018 with the goal of providing innovative healthcare in her community, the Monadnock region.


As practitioner of adult psychiatry for over
30 years, Dr Cadorette has seen both the limits of prescription medications and benefit of evidence-based, alternative therapies. She closed her private practice and dedicated her time to creating Chrysalis Community Health Center.  
Chrysalis' mission is to provide individuals with the care, support and tools necessary to be successful in their quest for a healthy, happy and purposeful life. 

Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist

Teresa M. Cadorette, MD

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Zoe is Chrysalis' TMS Coordinator.  She is a certified rTMS Technician by Neurostar and MagVenture. Zoe has a passion for well-being and loves to see clients feel their best through rTMS treatment.

TMS Coordinator

Zoe Nikitas, MSPH


Why Chrysalis?

We can help with


Chronic illness wears on the mind, body and spirit.  Altering how we meet each day and where we put our focus can help.


Exhaustion from an overly-digitized, detailed-mired world can take its toll.

We can help you develop practices

that can restore your well being.


Living a life of balance is about having a sense of independence and 

connectedness. Schedule an hour of self care and find that center.

Whole Health

At Chrysalis, we are here for all aspects of your wellness - your physical, mental and spiritual health. Whether you are searching for more energy, clarity or mobility - we can help.


You can't turn back the clock with a pill or one trip to the gym, but you can invest in your self daily. Together we can help you map out a plan to get you where you want to be.


Regain ownership of your life. Learn how to cultivate and nourish your own wellness

and prevent future dis-ease.




Depression's not just a state of mind.
There is HOPE




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